MAY 4, 2019
DAC #191


  9:30 Peary MS "B"

  9:41 Peary MS "A"

  9:52 Toro Canyon MS 

10:03 Guajome MS

10:14 Bishop Montgomery M

10:25 Desert Mirage M

10:36 North Hollywood M

10:47 Desert Mirage SS l

10:58 Gardena SS l 

11:03 break

11:14  break

11:25 AWARDS (drum captains in uniform please) 




 please watch for schedule changes 

Execution: Lofgren
Exposure: Lofgren
Effect: Whobrey
Music Timing: Whobrey  (4 minutes minimum - 8 minutes maximum)
Floor timing: Ellerby (11 minutes maximum)
Tabulator: Ellerby

(assistant tabulators: Melissa & Marissa)


Burbank SS l

Desert Mirage SS l

Bishop Mongomery SS l

Gardena SS l

Santa Ana (paperwork not completed)

Diamond Ranch (paperwork not completed)

Desert Mirage M

N. Hollywood M

Bishop Montgomery M

Toro Canyon MS

Guajome MS

Peary "A" MS

Peary "B" MS

message from Scott Suyama, Gardena HS Band Director:

Parking - busses and trucks cannot park on the basketball courts any longer. Spectators may park in the Stadium Parking Lot or the South Parking Lot on 182nd St. Spectators should not park on the streets.

●  North Hollywood, Madison, Burbank, Santiago, Guajome, Hawthorne, Desert Mirage, Toro Canyon: Please park your busses and trucks on Budlong Ave. South Bound, along the East side of campus. Push your equipment through the Spectator Parking Lot towards Warm-up Area North behind the stadium bleachers.

●  LA Academy, Santee, Huntington Park, Alhambra, Glendale, Hoover, Toll, (Gardena, Peary): Please park your busses and trucks on Normandie Ave. North Bound, along the West Side of the campus. Push your equipment through the gate by the cafeteria to Warm-up Area West by the Small Gym.

Please keep students out of the street traffic when unloading/loading.
Restrooms are located in the Gym lobby. Other restrooms on campus may not be available.

We have Assigned Warm-up Areas to your group to avoid too much clashing sound and distractions in any single area. Please see the map for locations and please feel free to request a helper guide at the Check-In/Admission table (Gym Spectator Entrance). Electrical power is generally not available in the Warm-up areas. Please bring a generator if you need power at warm-up. A power cord is supplied in the Gym front and center court. Please do not play instruments outside of your assigned areas as there may be Saturday classes/testing in session on campus.

Rain Plans - Alternate warm-up areas (in blue on map) will be available on campus if there is rain. Follow the blue arrows on the map, under the covered walkways. Please bring umbrellas and plastic sheets to cover equipment temporarily while moving through uncovered areas.

Perfomer Entrance Door is on the back side of the Gym (by the tennis courts). Hands will be stamped by a helper while you wait at the door. Mr. Ellerby will open the door just prior to your performance time but you are expected to be ready 11 minutes before your performance time (penalty may incur). Please account for 3-5 minutes of travel time to avoid a scoring penalty. Performers exit through the Gym lobby (performer’s left hand side).

Thank you for purchasing food and drinks at our Concessions Booth . This is our only source of funding. We will be able to take credit and debit cards for Concessions or Admission.

We made a Remind Group that you can sign up for to receive announcements, alerts, and news. You will also be able to send messages if you have questions. Please have the Band Director and Coaches sign up for the Group by texting @dacga to 81010 or by using the Remind App on your smart phone. Your phone numbers will not be displayed.

Thank you and Good Skill!
Scott Suyama, Gardena HS Band Director